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Introduction to the PRSD Inquiry Process Model

Grade by Grade Continuum of Underlying Skills

Alberta Curriculum Connections (Updated May 2004)
ELA Sr. High

Connecting the Inquiry Model with Activities & Assessment

  • Chart of Ideas
  • Potential Mini-lessons

    Planning for Inquiry

  • Inquiry-Based Classrooms
  • Enablers
  • Planning Steps
  • Involving Students
  • Planning Tools

    Three Types of Assessment

  • Diagnostic
  • Formative
  • Summative

    Alberta Assessment Consortium Online (For full access to the information on this site, get the password from your school Administrator.)

    Collaborative Learning

    Metacognition & Journaling

    Select & Print THINK-it-Through Questions

    Bloom’s Taxonomy Triangles

  • Knowledge
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation

    Bloom’s Taxonomy Chart


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  • Requesting permission of a copyright holder (letter template for students)

    Printable Stages and Steps of Model