Readiness Level - Novice

 Novice refers to learners who are new to the research process.  It is expected that students in K – 4 will fall into this category.  Teachers facilitating development of skills with students of any age may direct inexperienced students to the resources in the novice level as necessary.

        Pre-reading students can use the graphic form of the Inquiry Model to help them understand the model’s structure.  Students should be taught to relate their classroom experiences to the Inquiry Model.  As they are ready, students starting to read on their own will begin to refer to the print form of the Inquiry Model as they work through class projects. 

At the novice level, the teacher should introduce activities associated with the model orally, visually, and actively.  It is anticipated that projects done at this level will be a whole class experience with one focus initially.  Learners will need direct instruction, and are not expected to use the model independently.  After working through several curriculum-based class projects, novice learners should:

  • Recognize the Inquiry Model
  • Be able to name the four stages and the central component
  • Have a basic understanding of the steps they have followed in each stage
  • Be able to use the model as a tool to help them remember and apply their skills in new situations

In addition, they should:

  • Be able to explore a topic and develop questions together with their class about the topic
  • Be able to collaboratively develop one main question that becomes the focus of a class project
  • Contribute to the development of a class plan to access and gather information to answer their main question
  • Be able to access information as appropriate for skill levels of students (see grade-by-grade scope and sequence for guidelines)
  • Share their findings using appropriate forms of communication

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