Readiness Level - Experienced

 Experienced refers to students who are ready to start conducting comprehensive research projects independently.  Students who fall into this category are generally in grades 9 – 12, though the level of complexity students are ready for will vary depending on their prior knowledge. 

With varying levels of support, experienced students should be able to:

  • Continue to add to their version of the Inquiry Model as they hone their skills and broaden their repertoire of strategies
  • Continue to use the Inquiry Model to help them access the complex network of knowledge, skills, and strategies they have built on over the years
  • Form a meaningful focus within the parameters of an assignment
  • Develop and follow a complete research plan
  • Access, manage, select and synthesize information from several sources
  • Think more critically about the information that is available to them
  • Think reflectively and adjust their actions in order to be more effective in their work
  • Present their findings effectively

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