Readiness Level - Developing

Developing refers to learners with some research experience who are ready to begin doing projects more independently.  Students in grades 5 – 8 generally fall into this category, though a wide range of skills and knowledge should be anticipated, with some students needing more intervention and support than others. 

With varying levels of support, students at this level should be expected to:

  • Continue to relate new knowledge, skills and strategies to the Inquiry Model
  • Continue to use the Inquiry Model to help them transfer skills to new situations
  • Collaboratively explore a topic and form a meaningful focus question within that topic
  • Develop and follow individual plans for gathering and recording information
  • Pace their projects based on guidelines set by their teacher (as students gain experience, they will take on more responsibility for determining the time they will need to accomplish their tasks)
  • Identify their audience to help define the purpose of their project
  • Collaboratively develop criteria for usefulness and relevance of information; apply that criteria as they search for information
  • Collaboratively develop criteria for evaluation of their own work (both process and product) and the work of others
  • Monitor their own progress and guide their own actions by using their research plans (including criteria) and the Inquiry Model as tools for reflection
  • Edit their work to make it more effective before presenting
  • Communicate their findings in a way that is appropriate for their audience, and that capitalizes on their own strengths and interests

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